“Los Angeles faces a housing crisis, with serious impacts on affordability in Mid City West and across the city. We need developments like 333 La Cienega, which add new housing for different income levels without displacing current residents. Caruso worked closely with the community to address concerns, make the area surrounding the project more pedestrian friendly, and provide public space amenities. I strongly support full approval of this outstanding project.”

Midtown Homeless Coalition & Mid City West Community Council – Scott Epstein, Chair – Mid City West Community Council, Member – Midtown Los Angeles Homeless Coalition


“The Burton Way Homeowners Association represents the homeowners living to west and south of this project. We support this project as being an appropriate use for this unique site. During the past several years of meeting with the developer, our thoughts and questions have all been addressed and incorporated into the final project. We are pleased with the incorporation of our suggested improvements and acknowledge the significant investment in street scape and walkability surrounding the project.”

Burton Way Homeowners Association – Harald Hahn, President


“The Westbury Terrace Homeowners Association would like to offer our full support for the 333 S. La Cienega project. We are the condominium building in closest proximity to the project and represent 82 homeowners. Caruso has successfully addressed our questions and concerns and has demonstrated a true partnership with the adjacent homeowners. 333 La Cienega is going to be a beautiful project. As the neighbors that live closest, we support the approval of this project as proposed.”

Westbury Terrace Homeowners Association – Philippe Cohanim, President


“333 La Cienega is the type of transit-oriented, community-benefiting development that Los Angeles needs. Important to our climate organization, the 333 La Cienega development is climate-friendly. By creating mixed-use, mixed-income space, the project sites destinations in close proximity to where people live, reducing their need to get in a car, thereby increasing quality of life. The public green space demonstrates that community input that was taken into consideration in designing a project. The project will make the area more bike- and pedestrian-friendly, improve nearby transit amenities, and will mitigate their greenhouse gas emissions. Altogether, 333 La Cienega moves Los Angeles in a climate-resilient direction.”

Climate Resolve – Jonathan Parfrey


“To solve our affordable housing crisis, Los Angeles needs innovative projects that add to our housing supply and include units for low income residents.  Rick Caruso’s 333 La Cienega project will do just that and is exactly the type of commitment that we need in our region.”

United Way of Greater Los Angeles – Elise Buik, President & CEO

“Abundant Housing LA strongly supports the 333 S La Cienega project. Caruso has worked with neighbors, local businesses, & the neighborhood council to propose a project that brings both market rate housing and badly needed dedicated affordable housing to a walkable, job-rich, transit-served part of the city. We urge the city council to support and approve this project.”
Abundant Housing LA – Matt Dixon

“As Executive Director with the St Francis Center I am pleased to offer my support for the La Cienega project. Caruso has made an impact in our community by their involvement with our Homeless Well Being Program, which helped support our efforts last year to serve over 100,000 homeless guests and 1,200 families. Too often I see developers displacing families, but this is quite the opposite; The La Cienega project would offer 10% on site affordable housing and set a precedent for what responsible and equitable development looks like in our diverse communities. I offer my support to the La Cienega project and applaud the efforts of the Caruso team for not just investing in a building, but investing in a community.”
St Francis Center, Homeless Services Provider – Executive Director, Jose Ramirez


Our Lady Mt. Lebanon-St. Peter Cathedral is pleased to support the project at 333 La Cienega. This is an important project that will enhance the entire neighborhood. We are longstanding neighbors of the project and have enjoyed a great working relationship with Rick Caruso and his company over the years. The project has proposed a plethora of community benefits, and the addition of affordable housing units is a unique gift to the local neighborhood in which we live.”

Our Lady of Mt. Lebanon Church


“LA’s housing supply and affordability crisis threatens our economy and quality of life.  Now, more than ever, we need to support development projects that add to our housing stock, include units for low income residents, and revitalize blighted corridors. 333 La Cienega is the type of project we need more of in Los Angeles and deserves our full support.”

LA Area Chamber of Commerce – Gary Toebben, President & CEO


“333 La Cienega will be an amazing community asset that provides desperately needed housing for a variety of income levels, brings jobs and revenue to the City, and provides great community amenities that will improves the walkability and livability of the neighborhood.”

Many Mansions, Nonprofit Housing Provider – Alexander Russell, Executive Vice President